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Anybody want to Poupée with me? >w<

I had an ~Arashi dream~ :D ...kinda lol

I was at an anime convention... but the convention was outside, and all the panels were in large tents? o_O
So I went to get down from the bleachers at a panel, and some girl picked up my Ragnarok Online artbook D:< but I didn't notice for a minute and I went to get it.. then I saw the girl holding it under her arm farther away (short brown hair with a headband, blue and white schoolgirl outfit, she looked like a generic anime character lol). She got lost in the crowd as everyone was filing out, and my friends asked me if I was okay, and I lied to them, saying I was fine. I separated myself from them to go look for the girl. I asked one lady if there was a lost and found, and she was all "Oh, did you lose something!? THANK GOODNESS IT'S BEEN HERE FOREVER~" and produced.. a necklace in a bag... only she wouldn't actually touch the bag, she picked it up and held it out with a stick o_O Sooooo I said no it's not that. lol. I wandered around, and up at the front of the con I tried to find a specific staff member to ask about a lost and found. Right at the moment I saw her, some other person asked her something and they walked away together :< another staff member asked if I need something and I said no, but I must have had a weird look on my face cuz she looked at me funny. I finally gave up after a while and sat down at a picnic table to mourn my loss TT_TT
After a while, someone came and sat beside me with their friends.. it was that staff lady who asked me if I was okay~ they had a dog with them, and started talking and laughing and trying to cheer me up. Suddenly... I was Nino. (what?) I told them what was wrong and they said not to worry about it, and to try to have fun anyway. One of the women in the group grabbed a shotgun.. and was making the dog "shoot" it into the air by holding both at the same time.. until one of the shots hit a building o_O then the main lady and one of the guys got freaked out and disappeared into a nearby building... that contained more dogs.. and a bunch of chickens. I realized it was time for dance practice, and told everyone I had to go, but I just sat there and made some amazing speech (I don't remember what the speech was about, or if it was even relevant to the situation) which caused background music to pop up! It had nothing to do with Nino... it was Mr. Children - Hanabi from Code Blue lolol. I even got a montage of children trying out for roles in Code Blue, but none of them were asian.. and I have never seen these kids before in my life irl XD idk. At the end of my speech, I realized I'd missed practice entirely. Oh well. Then I stood up with the music still playing and walked off into the sunset to find my friends. :D

tl;dr?  idkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

...it's hard to type when you're still half asleep T_T

lol ilu kay

Meri: lollllllllll wtf
Meri: http://i48.tinypic.com/2ivd37p.jpg
Kay: UGH i HATEHATEHATE when they do that
Meri: I wanna see it cuz... lebeouf D8
Meri: but
Meri: wtf wall street
Kay: on movie posters and stuff where they have the names with the faces, but they're in a different order so you think one actor's name is something but later someone tells you omgkay you're such a loser his name is soandso
Meri: lmao XD
Kay: HATE that D: XD
Meri: "wow shia's gotten old D8"
Kay: if you're gonna write the names in alphabetical order by last name, STAND in alphabetical order by last name
Kay: huh? how old is he?
Meri: no I mean XD
Meri: cuz his name is in front of michael douglas
Kay: huh?
Meri: ....lol
Meri: *pets*
Kay: in the poster it's alphbetical, laBeouf is 2nd
Meri: yes. I know.
Kay: *confused*
Meri: cuz you were saying
Meri: "they have the names with the faces, but they're in a different order so you think one actor's name is something but later someone tells you omgkay you're such a loser his name is soandso"
Meri: I was lolling at
Meri: someone thinking michael douglas was shia :P
Kay: OH
Kay: YOUSEE... the conversation always ends with me looking retarded XXXDDD
Meri: lolol
Kay: i'm totally saving this convo XD
Meri: XD
Meri: eljay it
Meri: XD
Kay: wait... is it convo, or conve... i mean... i know it's conversation... but the slang is "convo", right?
Meri: ..yes XD
Kay: D: leave me alone you're my only online friend D:

rofl ilusm ♥♥♥


omg first post in forever. I was supposed to post bday pics but Brad never sent me them D: I'll get them up eventually.

So.. haha. I was surfing the internets as usual, and msn pops up a window "Kei has signed in"
So I get all excited that it's Kay and SPAZZ AT THE PERSON.. only to see.. the icon's a guy.. and nobody I recognize... so I'm about to say "who is in your icon" when I notice the email for the name. Then he says his name is Keith and he's from Furcadia.


but he forgot who I was too..... and asked.....

omg ABORT. ABORT. blocked and deleted himmmmmmmm. Sal clued me in on what to do, I was kind of in a panic XD;

It was scary. T_T; he freaks me out so bad.

in other news... omfg I love SNSD - Oh! MV. Jessssss ♥♥♥
in other other news... I think I know wtf is wrong with me. :| mentally and physically. and it sucks. ugh.

Who is this?

It's driving me crazy.. I know who he is.. but I don't. :/

click to make bigger~

rofl I love my dogs

Charlie decided to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner

...by finding a dead squirrel outside and trying to bring it inside for us


Mom shooed him away from the door and wouldn't let him in, but he carried it around the yard like it was his pride and joy :'D

in other news.. I GET TO SEE NINJA ASSASSIN TODAY *___*

Yayyyyyyyyyyy Bi and Lee Joon and gore and blood and fasdhgjkah XD

Squee! :D!


So I was checking msn.com this morning at work as I usually do, since there's really nothing much to do for 2 hours till we start seeing clients and it's easy to hide that I'm doing something I shouldn't since it's the homepage anyway 8D shhh.. and what do I see?

SHINee! On MSN! Out of nowhere! :O

Totally made my morning :3

Ugh @_@ today was so... ugh

Last night I stayed up waiting for fanart of my puppy on Pet Society

Himitsu! :3

and it.. didn't get done.. so I dragged myself to bed around 3:30.. was up again at 6:30 for work..... or so I thought.. apparently I fell back asleep and woke up again at 7:15.. I had to be at work in 15 mins XD RUSH JOB TO GET DRESSED AND DRIVE TO WORK OML.

I was late 10 mins :[ I hate being late to work.
I was so tired -o-

Found out the power surge protector at the desk comp had fried, called up my boss, told him to bring a new one. The new one made the comp error. So after 2 hours of talking to Tim, my boss' comp guy Dave, and trying to check in and out clients while on the phone with "tech support", all the while of course getting NO help from my coworkers.. D8< ....I finally got it to.... sort of work. It still errors and has decided that Microsoft Office is no longer installed, but the thing itself finally works without making the comp auto shutdown. o_O; idk.

Oh, and while I'm on the phone, tending to clients, and trying to get at the printer for reciepts, Marsha decides it's the PERFECT time to sort out free samples. On the floor. RIGHT where I'm trying to work. :D Joy.
It's a 4'x2' space behind the desk. |D;;
At one point I asked her to hand me someone's reciept from the printer since I obviously couldn't get to it, and she gave me "the look" and ripped it from the printer, and shoved it at me all crumpled like I was interrupting her. ;;

all in all it was a kind of stressful morning XD;

In other news:


Which means I will be on semi internet hiatus.. while kay's here D:
I'll have my laptop, but iono if there will be internets in the hotel, and when I'm at Tim's, his internet is spotty with instant messenger progs. So. I have no clue when I'll be home to be online.


Ugh time to pack.
ooomg D| My fangirling paid off...

I was spazzing to Shu about the upcoming Deathnote petit nendoroid set omg so cuteCollapse )

and he.. he...

he totally gave me the money for them for my xmas present, since he didn't know what to give me


omfg he is getting a SUPER good xmas present this year DX

...I really hope I get two of one of the L figs so I can give one to him as well ♥


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