I'm a wonder boy! Yea- ...whut? (imawndrboiyea) wrote,
I'm a wonder boy! Yea- ...whut?

I'm back!

I had a biiiiiiiiiiig hiatus! ..oops x:

I don't know if anyone even uses lj anymore? Or is friended to me or whatever D:

My super big announcement is I HAVE A BOYFRIEND and he is wonderful and amazing and fdfdsakh (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧
My problem is that he is stealing me away from Sal my friends so I super apologize for that like majorly omg I am so sorry T_T
Okay so it's not his fault at all it's mine I jsut dshajkfhdsa
I need to rp again super soon, it's been over a week ffff D:

Also, PSO2 is now in Open Beta and is super duper fun! We'll get it in Europe/USA next year but I'm playing the heck out of it NAO

My Japan trip was excellent, I had a ton of fun but now I miss Kay more than ever. ilu bb :< Watch out for those baby-eating crow things~

..which reminds me, I need to ship out Japan presents for people. Ughghghjdshgkja why am I so lazyyyyyy DX
Tags: fail, i'm a gamer girl, it's the internets!, kei-chama, life, nihongo, rp, sal, so essited, updates
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