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I'm a wonder boy


I'm a wonder boy! Yea- ...whut?
31 December 1981
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♥ Merili Kobayashi

AHAHA. I stole Mina's profile layout thing! Actually she gave me the code. u_u;;
Welcome to my new journal! This will be a HAPPY PLACE ^O^ I'M EXCITED.
Hopefully it will be full of random. Yays. :3

This will be my new place to fangirl and semiroleplay with my bff Minako.
...and anyone else who wants to talk to Chun. o_o Yeah. CONFUSED YET? Good.

YES. My lj is Chunnie-centric :3 Yoochun moodtheme by thievingbird, layout by kimmyxfleur at okimiyage. Background layout image by owtf. Thank you Emi :3 Cute sidebar doll chibis made by the Flakester :D ♥