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02 June 2010 @ 06:44 pm
long post is long! o_o 47 pics  
One of my best friends is in Japan.. and she got me some presents...... okay so some of them I specifically asked for, but y'know... 8D;;
But she got a TON of stuff for me.. @_@ like whoa.

When Kay said the box was big..

Big box!

With Jiyool and Jam @_@; biiiig.

omg. paper. JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED ;A; ...no.. wait... >_>

I see goodies!!!!

Yummy! Pretzels with chocolate inside! They're called.... Chocolate Stick Pies. XDXD They're sooo good though~

A bag! What's in it!??!?!

Uwaaaa *u* NYC Boys single.. Tegomass new single CD+DVD!!! And a bunch of cute japanese recipts! XD;

A slime!!!

He's about the same size as the poring, a little smaller :3

oooomg. Oldschool Sailormoon gameboy game. Like not even gameboy color! In black and white!!!!!

Suuuper cute Precure bag. It fastens with velcro, and has a tiny zipper pocket inside!

TAIGAAAAAA!!! She matches my posterrrrr *u*

Ragnarok male hunter!!!

omg more Toradoraaaa

I can see Minori's red hair!!!

Archeeeeee ♥♥♥

A cute bag with english on it~ Inside isssss:

L from the 2nd petit nendo collection, and Mariocart Daisy!!

My Japanese keyboard! .....it's really just a regular keyboard.. with hiragana on the keys. But it's cool!

Pikachu bag!

A cute Pokemon flyer :3

Hi-C box obi wrapper thing. With chuck-e-cheese token coupons. o_o NGL I first read it as "ovaries burst" and had to do a double take. @_@;

mini anime mag~

a rubber (eraser?) pokeball! ^O^ I wonder if it opens~~~~

YES! PIKACHUUUUUUU! ^O^ (my hands started really shaking from excitement at this moment on XDXD)

Tiny sailormoon clothes! ^O^ ...in a toradora bag! I can read it! >:C

fdslak KADABRA *O* and and abra and alakazam but OMG KADABRAAAAAAA ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Tiny Len steamroller! ^O^

Pokemon kyandiiiii

omg what a cute little dice box o-o


Okay so earlier. When I saw the Taiga fig.. I was like "OOH TAIGA I guess she couldn't find Minori :C" cuz.. I didn't think there was enough room left in the box for this fig too. ....I WAS WRONG~
Yay now they BOTH match my poster ^O^

More tiny boxes! With a random half-animal on each side!

So you can mix and match to make monsters hahaha soooo freaking cute!

Tomo! From Azumanga Daioh!

...something for Tim. XD haha I'll give it to him tonight.

Piplup bag! this one's smaller than the Pikachu one~ :3

A mini magazine~ I dunno what's in it yet, I haven't looked through it~

ahhh pretty doll flyer~ ♥

the other side *u*

Ragnarok flyer! omg the art is so fab

another anime mag thing

Kinoko no Yama! Yummmm


..because Japan has to make EVERYTHING tiny and cute.... puchi kitkats!!! They're all melty so I stuck them in the fridge X3 and you have NO IDEA how excited I am about the Lawson receipt!!! NEWS~ ♥

and.. a pic of everything.. goodness @_@;

You spoil me too much, Kei-chan ;A; ♥

in the words of Happosai~ What a haul! XD
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kei_to_meri: computer lovekei_to_meri on June 3rd, 2010 02:21 am (UTC)
I told you big box was big. XD

I'm sorry the kits kats melted... D:
Techinally all the food wasn't supposed to be shipped that way. >.>
Enjoy your contraband! XD

No, I don't think the pokeball is an eraser. Though... I haven't tried it. :/

Lol, sorry for all the recipts. XD
I don't even wanna know how much they add up to. 8D

You have another, smaller stack waiting, I'm just waiting for Becky's 2nd package to get here so I can go mail them at the same time. :3

Shopping is really fun... o.o
And getting stuff for you means I get to do it twice as much! *w*